Hey Annie,

Even though the day was crazy yesterday, the babies seemed so comfy and happy. It means the world to me to see them that way. I hope you have an awesome day!! We appreciate you taking care of the kiddos.

Thanks –
Rebecca & Wren

Hi Annie,
I went on a walk with Celine this morning and got many compliments on her sitting while they passed by! Thanks for working on that with her.
Have a great week-end and enjoy the rest of your week.
Connie Burch

To Mrs. Diehl:

This letter is to Thank You for being the caring, over-the-top professional that you are! We were in in a quandary when our last Pet Sitter moved away. Our two cats have never been kenneled when we go out of town, and finding someone who would truly spend quality time with them was a daunting task. Added to that was the fact that one of our cats was diagnosed in 2012 with Diabetes and requires insulin shots twice a day! YOU have made it possible for us to feel comfortable leaving them again. We know they are fed, brushed and LOVED when you are with them.
Thank you.

From Mike and Sheila Dowell, 22 East Racing Cloud Ct. The Woodlands (and, of course-Nefertiti and Mr. Tut).

You are the apple of Rolly’s eye. Thank you for the love and respect you give Rolly. Thank you for your professional business attitude.

Joe Ramirez