Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

By | January 16, 2020

Betta is a kind of Siamese fighting fish and is a popular Aquarium fish. They are highly territorial. Male Betta fishes are very aggressive and have the habit of attacking other fishes if they are kept in the same tank. Compared to them, female fishes are less aggressive but if they are kept in a very small aquarium, then they also tend to become aggressive. Unless used for breeding purposes, the male and female fishes are not kept together. The life span of Betta fish is 3-5 years. They enjoy a decorated tank and also have a courtship behavior.

Foods for Betta Fish

Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

The best Betta fish food is worms, mosquito larvae, Betta pallets, frozen dried live food, etc. Foods like flakes, cubes will not be a proper meal for them. The best thing about this fish is they are a low-maintenance fish but proper attention is required when it comes to their foods. Betta fish is carnivorous. They do not hesitate in having other small fishes in the tanks if they are hungry. Therefore, they are kept at different tank aloof altogether so that they can be in their territory. Some of the best alternative foods for Betta fish are as follows:-

  • Frozen Food- it is a great alternative for the fish and it will keep them good for a long time. Frozen wimps and worms can be fed to them for a few weeks.
  • Freeze dry foods- Freeze-dried foods are one of those foods that Betta fishes are in love with. One can get the freeze-dried foods from the pet stores and regularly it can be dispersed to them in small amounts.
  • Pellets- separate Betta-fish pallets are available in the market for betta-fishes. When the fish is given pellets, it is important to feed them twice a day. The pellets have an exact amount of vitamins and proteins that a Betta Fish requires. But the pellets do not accumulate at the bottom of the tanks and therefore they can disturb the mix of the water.
  • Fish flakes- As an alternative fish flakes can be used for the Betta fishes especially if they lack protein and they do not like the foods already being provided to them. In such a case, the lives of the other fishes in the tanks can be in danger as they start feeding on them.

How many times they are fed?

Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

The size of the fish determines the number of times they should be fed. If one is petting an adult Betta fish then they should not be fed more than 1 times a day and the younger ones require at least two times of feeding growing. But, researchers suggest keeping them without food at least for a day so that they can adjust with their digestive system. It is one of those fishes that can easily survive without food if they are practiced for the same. But this should not extend for a longer period otherwise it can readily affect the health of the fish.

Can a Betta Fish go without food?

When one is going for a vacation then the major concern stays is the health of the Betta Fish. Who will feed them? Again, in spite of giving the best Betta fish food, the fishes try to avoid the food.

How many days they can survive without food? As per the researchers, a healthy Betta fish can survive for more than a week without food. But the doctors suggest that they should not be kept for more than 5 days without food otherwise they can undergo in the starvation mode. The starvation mode will further increase the stress level in the body of the fish and that can increase their stress level. This stress level can further affect their organs. All fishes have different kinds of health, age, digestive systems. After having a proper understanding of all the factors and after taking a proper doctor’s recommendation, one can keep their fish without food for a recommended period. But a week i.e. 5-6 das is a standard time limit for the period of which they can be kept without food.

Certain suggestions for keeping the Betta fish without food

Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

As mentioned above, Betta Fishes can be kept without food for a week considering all the factors. But there are certainly other factors and conditions which are required to follow if the fishes are to be kept healthy even in the period of no food.

  • Tank quality should be pristine and the water is not a mess. If the water and the tank are clean them it will not create unnecessary waste inside the tank and it will readily not affect the health of the fish.
  • The water temperature of the water is to keep constant tropical. The fishes when will be without food, tend to get agitated. The water temperature will help them to stay healthy and calm.
  • Water quality is another perspective which one needs to focus one. When one is at home, they tend to change the water regularly. But when on vacation the treatment is not conducted. It is suggested to change the water as on the day of leave and on the day when they will return from vacation. At least 80% of the water is required to get changed before leaving. It will keep the Ch. Level of the water the same.
  • While going for a vacation the Betta fishes should be kept at a normal room temperature which is not completely dark and is not getting complete sunlight. It’ll affect the health of the fishes especially when they are surviving the period without food.

Betta fishes are considered to be one of the adjusting fishes of the world as it can survive without food for a week and they do not need much attention. Since they are regarded as a different species of fishes, it becomes the duty of the owner to keep them healthy by providing them the best Betta fish food.