Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

Betta is a kind of Siamese fighting fish and is a popular Aquarium fish. They are highly territorial. Male Betta fishes are very aggressive and have the habit of attacking other fishes if they are kept in the same tank. Compared to them, female fishes are less aggressive but if they are kept in a very small aquarium, then they also tend to become aggressive. Unless used for breeding purposes, the male and female fishes are not kept together. The life span of Betta fish is 3-5 years. They enjoy a decorated tank and also have a courtship behavior.

Foods for Betta Fish

Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

The best Betta fish food is worms, mosquito larvae, Betta pallets, frozen dried live food, etc. Foods like flakes, cubes will not be a proper meal for them. The best thing about this fish is they are a low-maintenance fish but proper attention is required when it comes to their foods. Betta fish is carnivorous. They do not hesitate in having other small fishes in the tanks if they are hungry. Therefore, they are kept at different tank aloof altogether so that they can be in their territory. Some of the best alternative foods for Betta fish are as follows:-

  • Frozen Food- it is a great alternative for the fish and it will keep them good for a long time. Frozen wimps and worms can be fed to them for a few weeks.
  • Freeze dry foods- Freeze-dried foods are one of those foods that Betta fishes are in love with. One can get the freeze-dried foods from the pet stores and regularly it can be dispersed to them in small amounts.
  • Pellets- separate Betta-fish pallets are available in the market for betta-fishes. When the fish is given pellets, it is important to feed them twice a day. The pellets have an exact amount of vitamins and proteins that a Betta Fish requires. But the pellets do not accumulate at the bottom of the tanks and therefore they can disturb the mix of the water.
  • Fish flakes- As an alternative fish flakes can be used for the Betta fishes especially if they lack protein and they do not like the foods already being provided to them. In such a case, the lives of the other fishes in the tanks can be in danger as they start feeding on them.

How many times they are fed?

Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

The size of the fish determines the number of times they should be fed. If one is petting an adult Betta fish then they should not be fed more than 1 times a day and the younger ones require at least two times of feeding growing. But, researchers suggest keeping them without food at least for a day so that they can adjust with their digestive system. It is one of those fishes that can easily survive without food if they are practiced for the same. But this should not extend for a longer period otherwise it can readily affect the health of the fish.

Can a Betta Fish go without food?

When one is going for a vacation then the major concern stays is the health of the Betta Fish. Who will feed them? Again, in spite of giving the best Betta fish food, the fishes try to avoid the food.

How many days they can survive without food? As per the researchers, a healthy Betta fish can survive for more than a week without food. But the doctors suggest that they should not be kept for more than 5 days without food otherwise they can undergo in the starvation mode. The starvation mode will further increase the stress level in the body of the fish and that can increase their stress level. This stress level can further affect their organs. All fishes have different kinds of health, age, digestive systems. After having a proper understanding of all the factors and after taking a proper doctor’s recommendation, one can keep their fish without food for a recommended period. But a week i.e. 5-6 das is a standard time limit for the period of which they can be kept without food.

Certain suggestions for keeping the Betta fish without food

Can a Betta Fish go a week without food?

As mentioned above, Betta Fishes can be kept without food for a week considering all the factors. But there are certainly other factors and conditions which are required to follow if the fishes are to be kept healthy even in the period of no food.

  • Tank quality should be pristine and the water is not a mess. If the water and the tank are clean them it will not create unnecessary waste inside the tank and it will readily not affect the health of the fish.
  • The water temperature of the water is to keep constant tropical. The fishes when will be without food, tend to get agitated. The water temperature will help them to stay healthy and calm.
  • Water quality is another perspective which one needs to focus one. When one is at home, they tend to change the water regularly. But when on vacation the treatment is not conducted. It is suggested to change the water as on the day of leave and on the day when they will return from vacation. At least 80% of the water is required to get changed before leaving. It will keep the Ch. Level of the water the same.
  • While going for a vacation the Betta fishes should be kept at a normal room temperature which is not completely dark and is not getting complete sunlight. It’ll affect the health of the fishes especially when they are surviving the period without food.

Betta fishes are considered to be one of the adjusting fishes of the world as it can survive without food for a week and they do not need much attention. Since they are regarded as a different species of fishes, it becomes the duty of the owner to keep them healthy by providing them the best Betta fish food.

What Do You Need in a Horse Grooming Kit?


If you are growing a horse, then you need plenty of cleaning products and tools to make your horse hygienic and healthy. So having worthy grooming set is very essential. Every item has the dissimilar purpose and also you need dissimilar ones for different cleaning responsibilities. There is so many styles and designed brushes which is used for horses. You can also buy the best horse grooming kit in the online if you want pre-selected set or also you can purchase the items individually and make your own best horse grooming kit for your horse.

What kind of things will be grooming kit have?

What do You Need in a Horse Grooming Kit?

A best horse grooming kit consist of main 6 items which is very essential to groom your horse and they are,

  • Hoof pick
  • Curry comb
  • A soft brush
  • A stiff brush
  • Mane and tail brush

Hoof pick

  • Hoof pick is very essential in the horse grooming kit where it comes with or without the brush on it. But if there is a brush in it then will help to getaway the dirt and sand on the hooves.
  • Also can use this hoof pick to clean the mud, rocks, sand, snow and additional debris from the horse hooves.
  • Every day you need to pick hoof to keep your horse healthy and clean from dirt. Also there is lots of design with attractive hoof pick sticks to any kind of convenient metal surface to avoid misplacement of the brush. There picks also can be folded to a pocket size to fit perfectly into the hand.

Rubber curry comb

Rubber curry comb

  • This curry rubber comb provides the gentle massage and also will help to remove dirt’s from the horse fur.
  • This is the first ever tool to be used in this process of grooming and where it helps to loosen up the dirt in the fur and below the fur of the horse.
  • It has tiny rubber prongs in it to gently stimulate circulation on the horse physiques and coating whereas loosening the debris and flaking the hairs.
  • This curry comb has so many dissimilar colors and come in large and smaller size depends on your hand size.

Revocable metallic curry comb

  • This revocable metallic curry comb is a multi-layered element in a cleaning kit.
  • It is specially intended to clean the physique brush but not like metallic curry comb. This revocable metallic curry comb can be used on the horse directly but should be careful when doing it and should not give too much of pressure.
  • This reversible comb will help to remove the sludge and loosens the hair without any force and it should be only used in the areas with lot of hair not in legs or on head.

Sarvis curry comb

  • This Sarvis curry comb is a brush which is made of stiff plastic and it is deliberate to remove sludge, dampness and loosens the hair.
  • This hard plastic curry has extended teeth which is specially designed to groom long winter furs and is actual removing of dry sludge and wreckages.
  • Some of the people use this for mane and tails. It is inexpensive item and it will be great if you have this item in your cleaning kit.
  • It comes in the different color and arises in the child and adult size which is especially used during winter time to remove patches of dirt’s.

Stiff or hard brush

Stiff or hard brush

  • Stiff or hard brushes are actually used to eliminate the loosened mud, sand and mane. This rigid brush is used on the horse legs as it is spineless sufficient to remove dirt’s without any distress.
  • The hairs of firm brush are made of natural fibres or plastic. The natural fiber like goat or horse or hair. The holder of the brush is made of wood or plastic.

Soft brush

  • Soft brush is the finishing tool which is actually used to clean the finest dirt on the horse.
  • Also this brush is used on the horse head because its head is very subtle to use hard brush. This Soft brush used alike firm brush proceeding the body of the horse but the hairs will be stretcher and merciful.
  • The hairs on the soft brush are made from the small fibers which is set together closely.

Head of hair and tail brushes

Head of hair and tail brushes

  • This head of hair and tail brushes are used for mane and tail hair. This bristle is not required every day this is used on head of hair and tail conditioner to avoid from tangling and loops. This can be used once in week or once in a month on the mane and tail of the horse.
  • If horse has dense mane and tail, then it should be used often. This brush is made of hard plastic bristle.
  • If you use head of hair and tail brushes, then it will minimize the damage of the hair and works well on the knots.

Cleaning box

A cleaning box is used to keep your tools safe inside it without any damage. It also provides you a federal location subsequently it will be easy to find them. It also helps to grip all your brushes in a prearranged manner. If you are not interested in own kit, then you have choice of pre made kit.

Therefore, in this best horse grooming kit, will have all brushes which is required you to groom your horse plus also you can get it in an affordable price. So if you don’t want to pick an individual grooming gear then this pre-arranged grooming kit will help you in all aspects. You can also order the grooming kit in the online just you need to decide what gear design you want. You want plastic gear kit or organic kit. If you want your kit to last long, then plastic will help you. Also make sure you have all these five items compulsory in the grooming kit such as hoof pick, curry rubber comb for loosen mud from the fur, stiff brush to brush left the undone hair and mud, soft brush for head and leg, head of hair and tail brushes to avoid the mane and tail from knotting.

Dogs: Top Ten Toxins of 2013

1.  Chocolate – Dark equals dangerous!

2..  Xylitol – This sweetener found in sugarless chewing gum and candy, medications and nasal sprays causes a rapid drop in blood pressure and liver failure in dogs.

3.  NSAIDs – Ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. found in products like Advil, Motrin, and Aleve.  Dogs don’t metabolize these drugs well; ingestions result in stomach ulcers and kidney failure.

4.  Over the counter cold, cough and allergy medication: Those that contain acetaminophen or decongestants, such as pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine, are particularly toxic. 

5..  Rodenticides (mouse poisoning) – These may cause internal bleeding, or brain swelling even in small amounts.

6.  Grapes and raisins – These harmless human foods cause kidney damage in dogs.

7.  Insect bait stations – These rarely cause poisoning in dogs – the bigger risk is bowel obstruction when dogs swallow the plastic casing

8.  Prescription ADD/ADHD medications –  These amphetamines such as Adderall, Concerta, Dexedrine, and Vyvasen  can cause tremors, seizures, cardiac problems and death in pets.

9.  Glucosamine joint supplements – Overdose of tasty products such as Cosequin and Move Freely typically only cause diarrhea; however in rare cases, liver failure can develop.

10.  Silica gel packs and oxygen absorbors. – Silica gel packs, found in  new shoes, purses or backpacks, is rarely a concern.  The real threats are the iron-containing oxygen absorbers found in food packages like beef jerky or pet treats, which can cause iron poisoning.

Happy Dog Daycare and Boarding

dogDog Daycare


       Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.

        Saturday: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.

    *  We are closed from 11 to 2 Monday through Friday. 


        Monday to Friday: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

        Saturday : 5:00 p.m.  


        Closed for daycare and board and play drop off/pick up


        Daycare Passes

     1 Day          4 Days          8 Days          16 Days          20 Days 

         $25              $96            $184              $352               $400

                             $24/ea.      $23/ea.          $22/ea.           $20/ea

        Dog Boarding Passes

     1 Night          4 Nights            8 Nights        16 Nights     20 Nights

       $35               $106                 $194              $362            $410


Happy Dogs and Cats Sitting and Walking Services

     Initial Consultation -Complimentary

  •   We come to your home, meet you and you pet(s), complete a profile, fill out a few forms and sign a contract for service.
  • We require a key to your home and then we can get started!

     Dog / Cat Walking and Dog/Cat Sitting

  •  $18 – $19 for a 30 minute visit for up to three cats.
  • $20 – $25 for a 30 minute visit (up to three dogs) for more than three dogs, add $3 per pet
  • Regular visits include fresh food and water, bathroom breaks, dispensing necessary medications or supplements, exercising with, walking of pet(s), lots of hugs and affection, giving treats if allowed, and leaving a daily report.. For cats add litter box maintainance .

Bird and Small Mammal Sitting

  • Feeding and fresh water provided
  • Litter box and cages maintained, perchas adjusted, if requested.
  • Brushing and lots of love, affection, and companionship. 
  • Dispensing of medications or supplements, if needed
  • If allowed, treats given.

      Overnight Pet and House Sitting

  • Overnight stays 7 days a week – especially comforting for pets that are very stressed or anxious when their owners are gone.  A wonderful alternative to a kennel!
  • Visits include up to 12 hours of excellent care, companionship and one on one attention.  Also included is an evening walk and feeding, staying over-night, and a morning walk and feeding.  An extended day, up to2 hours, may be added for $20.00.

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We are here to provide the best pet care, pet walking and sitting to you in the Woodlands or Conroe, Texas area. Our dependable and loving visits bring about a great companionship with our team of excellent caregivers and your precious pet.


We provide care and companionship for dogs, cats, birds, fish, chickens, and small mammals regardless of age, breed, size, gender, or abilities. We cater to the needs of medically fragile and post-surgical pets. We provide you and your pet with excellent care, wonderful references, flexible schedules and fourteen years of experience and wisdom.


As a nurse, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for patients and I bring all that to your home when I come over to look after your pets. While we do not offer animal boarding, we do pet sitting for dogs, cats, and both small and large birds. We offer walking services for all types of dogs and cats in Conroe and the Woodlands. Our clients come to us for the outstanding care we provide. When you come to us for all your pet sitting and pet walking services needs, you can be sure your pet is getting the warm, friendly, yet knowledgeable care and attention it needs – and for pet owners, there is nothing more assuring than to know that your beloved little friend is in highly capable hands you can trust.


I am certified in Pet CPR and First Aid; an active member of Pet Sitters International, the ASPCA, and Women in the Pet Industry Network.

Thank you!

Welcome to Happy Dogs & Cats Sitting & Walking Services !

rabbitHi,  and welcome to my web site.

         We are here to provide the best pet care, dog walking, dog daycare, and boarding to you as we can.  Our dependable and loving visits bring about a great companionship with our team of excellent caregivers and your precious pet.  We provide care for dogs, cats, birds, fish, chickens, and small mammels regardless of age, breed, size, gender, or abilities.  We provide you and your pet with excellent care, wonderful references, flexible schedules, fourteen years of experience and wisdom.  I am is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid, an active member of Pet Sitters International, the ASPCA, and Women in the Pet Industry Network..  Our company is insured and bonded through a national insurance company.   Please call Annie at 936-525-7097or reach her through her e-mail at [email protected] for additional information or to discuss your pets particular needs and funny antics.

   Thank you.


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74658097 Ready to book a dog or cat boarding?

  Dog Boarding Nightly Rate $35.00                               Daycare Rate $25.00    

   I am an experienced, proffessional dog/cat care provider.  “Please” read this entire listing prior to requesting a meet and greet or booking.  I will try to answer all of your questions with the information provided.  Your dog/cat will stay in my very comfortable, clean, and safe home.  It is crate-free unless the owner specifically desires their dog/cat be crated at certain times.  The dogs stay indoors most of the time and go outdoors during fair weather for light playing  and doing business for short periods of time.   It is imperative your dog/cat be socialized and friendly with other dogs and cats.

 The dogs I care for receive extra attention, love, socialization, play time, and medications, if needed.  My services allow dog/cat owners to enjoy their time away knowing their pets are receiving excellent care.  Additionally, owners will receive regular communications reguarding the care of their pets and how they are enjoying their stay.

 Please note! I am a professional in-home dog boarder and not a hobbyist or part-timer.  As such I have policies in place that must be followed.  There may be other client dogs in my home during your pet’s stay(although it will never be over-crowded).